Frequently Asked Questions

How does Online Personal Training Work?

Online Personal Training can be done anywhere. You don’t need to meet your trainer face to face. Each programme is constructed on a bespoke basis, based on the information you disclose in your questionnaire including injury history, current fitness level, your access to fitness equipment and your personal goal.

We also require you to send over a ‘before’ picture that allows us to assess your current level of muscularity, body fat and your body type.

How effective is Online Personal Training really?

Online Personal Training has proven to be extremely effective. However, as with face to face personal training, online personal training is only effective if our clients actually do the work and follow the programme.

Online Personal Training gives you access to our expertise, knowledge and experience at any time.

It’s great for providing you with extra motivation, accountability, it teaches you to take control and track your own progress. It’s also much more cost effective than face to face personal training and the workouts can be fitted into your schedule rather than your trainer’s.

Do I get a free assessment before I signup?

Yes! We only take on clients that are serious about their fitness goals. Therefore, it is prudent that we have a chat over the phone before we choose each other. Smashing fitness goals requires a lot of dedication, commitment and teamwork and we need be very sure that we are a perfect fit for each other before we put you on a plan.

What is included in my Meal Plan?

Your meal plans are produced based upon the information you provide us in the questionnaire and then your recommended macro nutrients and calorie intake is calculated based on your height, weight, age and activity level and body type.

We will also work with you to build habits each week which enable you to easily adopt the changes and you’ll be reminded of these within the app.

How often do I check in with my trainer?

Check ins are done weekly. We will work out a day and time that suits you for your weekly check ins. Check ins are usually done via phone or a video call. A typical check in session usually goes on for about 15 – 30 mins.

How often do my workouts change?

Your workouts will change every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on your needs and your response to our programs. If you feel a workout is not fitting within your schedule, let us know and we will make a change in order for you to continue being successful with your workouts.

If I have an injury, can I still get a plan built for me?

Yes! Many of our clients have current or past injuries that affect what types of exercises they can do. We almost never see clients who have not sustained some sort of injury in the past.

Can I train with my trainer in person?

We are currently based in Adelaide, SA. If you live nearby and would like to train one to one with your trainer you can contact us via Whatsapp and we can arrange something.

Cancelling of Your Contract

We do not offer refunds. However, you can choose to put your plan on hold and resume it later. You will have access to your current plan for at least 6 months. Please note that an official request must be made for us to make such an arrangement for you.

Where are you based?
We are based in Adelaide, Australia and work with clients from all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.
Do you work with clients who are not in Australia?

The only requirement to be our personal training client is to have an internet connection.

That is the beauty of Online personal training. We have several Online PT clients based in Asia, Europe and North America who have been receiving online personal training from us for the past several years and are achieving great results.

Personalised Online Personal Training and transformation Coaching

  • Our Training programs utilise high intensity workouts and various splits for fat loss. Emphasise muscle growth and strength. Any goals you have, I can create a plan for them!
  • Everything custom made. No cookie cutter. Meals created using height, weight, physical activity level, workout frequency, and goals.
  • Evenly spaced and distributed proteins for optimal muscle growth, as well as various easy food choices to prevent cheating!
  • Carb timing to fuel your workout, grow and/or preserve muscle mass! THIS IS KEY
  • Fats maintained for hormone balance while kept in check to control caloric intake! Huge mistake I see people make is to cut out fats!

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