No Longer a Bean Pole

Seasons of having to bear with a loose belly and a butt of jokes must give the The byword, “as thin as a bean pole” does not augur well with a vast sea of humanity. It tells of an emaciated being requiring nutritional and medical attention. “Why have you grown so skinny!?” the concern screams in your ears and it spills down your soul as bile.

But the arrival of Daredevil Fitness is a godsend to you whose self-esteem has been battered for years with no remedy in the horizon.

Daredevil Fitness Approach to Bulking

When you arrive at Daredevil Fitness training facility, a detailed assessment of your current condition is carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. A serious concern is given to your flexibility, muscular strength and your cardiovascular endurance. But the appraisal does not end there since your medical history and your lifestyle are analyzed to determine the most befitting program for you.

Professional Guidance to Bulk You

At Daredevil Fitness, we are endowed with many professionally and highly motivated personal trainers. You should have by now cultivated an atmosphere of patience to work with our trainers and dieticians on building a muscular body worth carrying around with a vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment.

Lifestyle Change

With surgical precision, we formulate a way of life change in you. It helps guarantee maximum muscle gain in your personal fitness era. And the skinny you that has been hanging on your body structure like an albatross fizzles away like the dew of the morning at the emergence of the sun. Shortly, you cease from being the centre of negative barbs that have a devastating effect and low self-esteem. We make sure at Daredevil Fitness that the old skinny and weak you evolve into a strong and bulky you eager to face the future with the agility of a man on a mission.

Attention given to Your Muscles

And like blacksmiths working on precious pearls, our certified and leading personal trainers devise a tailor-made and herculean training program that will culminate into a compact mass of muscle in you within a short period.

At Daredevil Fitness, we enroll you in a muscle-feeding diet regimen. It is a regimen geared towards helping your muscles grow and eventually bulk.

Your Expectations after Three Months at Daredevil Fitness

When your peers and friends look at you, a whole new you will pop out like shark fins:

  • What of strong and carved out muscular arms that tell of a man in charge?
  • The chest that had been a facet of reproach in you will have been sculpted to evolve into a strong, remarkable development.
  • The shoulders that had drooped before like the branches of a weathered tree will have by now been chiseled and expanded to the chagrin of your mockers.

Due to the frailty of your body, you had lost your voice and therefore could not resuscitate your once boomed out voice of yester years. But kudos to Daredevil Fitness personal trainers’ unwavering resolve for they have developed you into a V-shaped and muscular body.

Personalised Online Personal Training and transformation Coaching

  • Our Training programs utilise high intensity workouts and various splits for fat loss. Emphasise muscle growth and strength. Any goals you have, I can create a plan for them!
  • Everything custom made. No cookie cutter. Meals created using height, weight, physical activity level, workout frequency, and goals.
  • Evenly spaced and distributed proteins for optimal muscle growth, as well as various easy food choices to prevent cheating!
  • Carb timing to fuel your workout, grow and/or preserve muscle mass! THIS IS KEY
  • Fats maintained for hormone balance while kept in check to control caloric intake! Huge mistake I see people make is to cut out fats!

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