A Daredevils’s Guide to
lean Bulking

Discover my 5 Key Steps to Lean Bulking.
Shape, Deterrence, Seizing Iniative, Domination & Conquer.

In this eBook I have covered the Lean Bulking mindset, included full meal plans + groceries list, workout plans, supplementation guide, cheat meal ideas and a whole lot more…

When Everything in Life is a War, you need to approach your transformation with a warfare like mentality.

No Pain, No Gain

I have covered everything in 5 stages = Shape, Deterrence, Seizing Initiative, Domination and Conquer.
  • Stage 1: Shape
    (The Lean Bulking Mindset)

    – My Philosophy & Approach
    – The Rudimentary Building-blocks

  • Stage 2: Deterrence
    (Blueprint to a successful transformation)

    – Calculating your Macros
    – What to eat during the transformation (Full Groceries list)
    – Sample diet plan with recipes
    – Full supplementation guide

  • Stage 3: Seizing Initiative
    (Developing the winning mindset)

    – How not to fall off the bandwagon
    – Mindset tips to getting jacked & staying on course

  • Stage 4: Domination
    (Plan of attack)

    – Dealing with the Intensity, Pain and Consistency
    – Full Workout Plan (Weight Training, Cardio & Circuits)

  • Stage 5: Conquer
    (Sticking to the Plan & staying honest)

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