Sports Specific Training

Your performance in any sporting activity is dependent on how to prepare and training. Wrong physical exercises can hurt your muscles and joints. You can avoid such scenarios by leveraging our sports specific training services.

Our personnel has a thorough understanding of the specific exercises that you should do when preparing for the various sports such as basketball, golf, tennis, rugby, and football. We take pride in train clients for a broad range of sporting activities.

Here are facts that you need to know about our sports specific training courses.

Reduce Body Weight

Excess body weight will reduce your performance not only in the field but also in the gym. By carefully evaluating your current fitness level and the sporting activity that you want to take part in, we will come up with an ideal training routine that will help you attain the right weight.

Lean Muscle Gain

Your muscles need to be upbeat to support your body as you play. We will help you build lean muscles through a series of exercises that are safe and ideal for the sport. The exercises will also increase your flexibility, endurance, and strength tremendously.

We Use Advanced Training Equipment

We offer our sports specific training services in gym facilities that have advanced training equipment. We will recommend training equipment that best suits your goals and the sport that you intend to take part in as well as teach you how to do multiple exercises like a pro. Along the way, we will monitor and assess your progress to ensure that you achieve the expected results in the long run.

Discover your inherent potential in various games by using our sports specific training services. We will guide every step of the way to tone your body properly and give you dietary tips that will make sure that you have enough energy to take part in the sport.

Personalised Online Personal Training and transformation Coaching

  • Our Training programs utilise high intensity workouts and various splits for fat loss. Emphasise muscle growth and strength. Any goals you have, I can create a plan for them!
  • Everything custom made. No cookie cutter. Meals created using height, weight, physical activity level, workout frequency, and goals.
  • Evenly spaced and distributed proteins for optimal muscle growth, as well as various easy food choices to prevent cheating!
  • Carb timing to fuel your workout, grow and/or preserve muscle mass! THIS IS KEY
  • Fats maintained for hormone balance while kept in check to control caloric intake! Huge mistake I see people make is to cut out fats!

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