Off Season Coaching

The Best Athlete is made during the OFF-Season

Training Program

Training Program

Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program

Customized For You

Customized For You

Weekly Chains

Weekly Checkins

Closed Group

Closed Group

A completely personalised program

To ensure good stage results, a successful off season is crucial.

Our off-season training is fully customized to your requirements.
In terms of optimizing muscle gain, correcting asymmetry and maintaining an optimum metabolic health status prior to the competition planning, both training and nutrition are synergistically oriented toward the best performance.

Our online app makes it simple to monitor your progress, giving you access from anywhere at any time to your personalised program.

Training in person, available upon request.

About Coaches

Champions are made in the OFF Season. Below is what’s included in our package.

Complete Custom Nutritional Program

Personalised Nutritional Programming

  • Choice of food based on your personal preferences
  • Meals that are focused on your lifestyle
  • Complete Supplementation Guidance
  • Peak week nutrition coaching
  • Post-show diet for metabolic recovery
Training Programming

Training Programming

  • Custom training program tailored to the athlete’s body type and desired outcomes
  • Relevant choice of exercises based on the availability of equipment
  • Cardio program
All Necessary Diet/Training Changes

Program Modifications

  • Your diet/training is changed based on weekly outcomes to ensure the very best results.
Weekly Check-ins

Weekly Check-ins

  • Progress Photos
  • Body Measurements
  • Check in Questionnaire
  • Virtual Check-in with your coach
Closed Facebook Group

Athlete Only Facebook Group

  • Access to our athlete only facebook group
  • Ask Questions, Share Encounters, Make friends with like-minded people.
  • Access to our exclusive content.
Unlimited Email Support

Email Support

  • Have questions? Ask via email and your coach will get back to you within 12 hours.
Daredevil Fitness

Ready for your OFF SEASON Gains?

All Within the App

Your tailored workout plans, nutrition plans, grocery shopping lists, recent activity log and results tracking made available to you at your finger tips.

With the Daredevil Fitness app, you'll receive complete access to:

  • Full exercise library and footage on how to perform each exercise
  • Access to your personalised training program
  • Ability to record your measurements, weight, body fat, progress photos and log your workouts using the results tracker
  • Direct message your coach via the app

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